Helping smaller businesses overcome the challenges of recruitment


Dealing with recruitment can be one of the most difficult aspects of running a smaller business. There are lots of potential issues involved in managing it in-house, including lack of time, resources and expertise. But with many recruitment agencies charging exorbitant rates for an impersonal service, what’s the solution?

GO Get Organised specialises in recruiting for smaller businesses, and our approach addresses the particular challenges associated with this. Here’s how:

Challenge 1: Recruitment can be expensive

A lot of agencies charge high rates for their services, as well as demanding payment in full once someone has been appointed.

Our solution

We charge very reasonable rates – our finder’s fee is just 10% of the annual salary. But we also understand that cashflow can be an issue for smaller businesses, and so this fee is split into two instalments, with the first payable on appointment and the second 12 weeks later. If things don’t work out during this time – for whatever reason – then we won’t charge the second half. This helps minimise the financial risk of recruitment, as well as spreading out the cost.

Challenge 2: The dynamics of a small team

It can be tricky finding just the right person to fit in with a small team; you don’t want to jeopardise a successful dynamic in the rush to recruit someone new.

Our solution

It might sound a bit corny, but we really do care about people and we care about our clients. We take great pride in finding the right candidate for the job and helping businesses grow with the right team in place. We meet all candidates and clients personally and carefully assess their skills and needs. This personal, bespoke approach gives us the best possible chance of a good match.

Challenge 3: Small businesses need all-rounders

Working for a smaller business often requires multi-tasking, with team members expected to apply their skills to a range of responsibilities.

Our solution

We have a wealth of expertise in exactly this kind of recruitment; it’s our niche, and we can advise you on your best recruitment options. For example, you might want to employ just one person but to cover two distinct roles, such as an office manager and a marketing manager. Or you may decide to create a job-share position, with two people bringing complementary skills to one role. Our tailored service will ensure that you get exactly the right mix of skills that you need.

Challenge 4: The recruitment process can be daunting

Smaller businesses often lack experience in recruitment, and may not have proper procedures in place.

Our solution

We understand that recruitment can be complicated as well as time consuming, so we’re here to do all the legwork (eg sorting out references, screening candidates) and support you through the whole process. Smaller businesses are often at breaking point in terms of workload when the need to recruit becomes urgent; we can quickly get on with finding the right person to fill the position. It’s our mission to help your business grow smoothly.

Challenge 5: Attracting the right calibre of candidate

Smaller businesses aren’t as well known as the bigger players, and have limited resources to advertise.

Our solution

We have an excellent and growing reputation for recruitment in Bath and the local area, and have established various ways of spreading the word about vacancies and finding potential candidates of a high calibre. We work in partnership with many other businesses and freelancers, and have access to a number of different networks through which we can advertise for particular positions and skills.

So if you have a vacancy and would like some help filling it, please get in touch with us and we’ll find the right person for you.

GO Get Recruiting!